How to make an awsome looking emoji

This is my week 6 blogging challenge it is about emoji’s. I am going to show you how to make an awsome looking emoji. First step, get a piece of paper and pencil. Before you make this awsome emoji make sure you have a computer or phone if you are going to do this on computer make sure you have google slides. Second  step, draw an emoji for example

Next take a picture of your drawing. After that go to google slides,if your on a phone pull up the picture and push edit. If you ar eusing a phone you can edit a little bit better than using google slides. If you are using a computer go to google slides make a blank slide where there is no text boxs. So now you have to download your picture to that slide, to do that you have to click the image of the picture with the mountains then go to upload form computer then click this image and open it on the blank slide. Third step, click the image with two fingers and go to format options. To make your emoji come to life click Recolor go to the dark yellow if you do not like the way that looks skip that step and do not Recolor it but you do need to push Adjustments and adjust the contrast to where evr you want I recommend you slide it right to make it pop more you can adjust the brightness but you do not really need to do that. Last but not least,if you are on a chromebook push ctrl shift then the button the looks like a square with lines next to it at the top when that happens drag the mouse over that image intil that image is a lighter color than the background then let go. You just took a snapshot now go to edublogs click Add Media and upload the picture. Now you are officially done your emoji should look like this

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  1. Nate,
    This is a great post! I’m glad to see the effort and detail you put into this. Keep it up. 🙂

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